Accent Your Farmhouse-Style Home With Decorative Storage Baskets

If you are looking for a way to accent your farmhouse-style home, you can never go wrong with baskets. Baskets in a contemporary style are ideal for various interior designs, and the blue and gray striped pattern adds a pop of color to your farmhouse home. 

Whether you are displaying greenery, stashing blankets or carrying firewood, there is always a reason to add baskets to your home. Are you looking for a way to add stylish but practical baskets to your farmhouse design? Use the following tips to accent your farmhouse-style home with cotton baskets.

Display Your Faux Greenery

farmhouse decorative storage basket

What a better way to accent your farmhouse-style home than with greenery? It is a great way to add color and texture, as well as an outdoorsy-feel, to your space. One idea is to place faux greenery inside your cotton basket. This way, you can keep the basket clean without worrying about drainage. If you would rather use real greenery, you can always line the basket and use it as a temporary cover for your pot or planter. Depending on your space, you can display your greenery on the floor, coffee table, near your kitchen counter or on your closed-in porch.

Create A Food Basket

Another idea for your farmhouse-style home is a food basket, which can be used for both decorative and functional purposes. For example, you can fill the basket with faux produce to keep on the porch or in the living room, but you can also use it as an actual fruit basket in the kitchen. Fill it with apples, pears, bananas or smaller pumpkins to showcase a specific season or event, or you could use the basket to store and display whole potatoes until you are ready to cook them. It is perfect if you are planning to grow and pick your own food, especially with the durable cotton material and sturdy leather carrying handles.

Add Warmth With Blankets and Stuffed Toys

What is a farmhouse-style home without a touch of warmth? You can literally add warmth to your space by filling a cotton basket with throw blankets. Use the baskets to stash extra throw blankets in your living room or bedroom, or you can place the basket in your reading nook or on your porch as you relax. It is also perfect for providing extra blankets to family members and guests or just warming up on a chilly day. In addition, you are adding a contemporary vibe to your space without taking away from that warm, farmhouse-inspired charm. 

Carry and Store Your Firewood

It is not uncommon to find a fireplace in a farmhouse-style home, so why not add a contemporary basket for storing your firewood? With sturdy leather handles, you can easily carry your chopped firewood into the house. Of course, you want to provide easy access to your firewood as needed. You can place the basket on the porch or in the entrance or mudroom, or you can keep it inside the living room at a safe distance from the fireplace. If you are worried about a filthy basket, you can always line it with washable fabric. This way, you can carry your firewood while keeping your beautiful cotton basket clean.

Store Extra Bathroom Essentials

You can also use cotton baskets to add a contemporary look to your farmhouse-style bathroom. Use it to stash extra toilet paper rolls, or you can use it for clean, rolled bath towels. Maybe you need a basket for unopened toiletries and essentials, such as cotton swabs, body wash and new washcloths. Another idea is to designate a basket for your overnight guests to make it easier for them to find what they need. Of course, it also works for placing a laundry basket in the bathroom. The best part is the blue and gray stripes do not take away from your farmhouse design.

With the stylish striped pattern and soft cotton material, you are sure to enjoy accenting your farmhouse design with these baskets. In addition to adding charm and warmth to your home, you are also adding a functional piece that can be used for food, blankets or firewood. Finally, these cotton baskets are perfect for adding contemporary elements to your farmhouse-style home.