Spring Cleaning With Organization Baskets

There is nothing like a good spring-cleaning session to make your home feel tidy and organized. You already know that you are going to need to get rid of unused, unwanted or damaged items, but you also need to focus on the items you are planning to keep. Maybe you have an organizational system in mind but no plan to make it happen.

One idea is to look into storage baskets for various rooms of the home. In fact, you may find it easier to organize when you invest in baskets, bins and containers of different sizes. The best part is you can find stylish baskets that look great with your interior design.

Are you ready to make your home feel neat and clean? Use the following tips to start spring cleaning with organizing baskets.

Living Room

The living room is where you unwind or entertain guests, so you want to ensure your living room is always in order. It is no secret that your living room is also going to be a place of throw pillows and blankets, so you may want to invest in a nice blanket basket to keep all your linen in one place and off the couch until needed. If you have a corner designated for crafts, yoga or play dates, you may want to look into a basket for organizing the supplies, equipment or toys that belong in that corner.

Rope Storage Basket


A high-traffic area such as your kitchen should always be organized, as this is the place you prepare meals and catch up with family. Why not consider a small rope basket for fresh fruit on the counter? Then again, maybe you would rather use a rope basket for extra dish towels and potholders. Another idea is to look into various storage containers and baskets for your pantry. This is a great way to create zones such as quick snacks, side dishes and baking ingredients.


Your bedroom is where you retreat and relax after a long day, so the last thing you want to see is a pile of clutter in your space. If you are adding a basket for clothes, you may want to designate one to your workout, seasonal or lounge apparel. Of course, you are also going to need a good laundry hamper with a lid to keep your dirty clothes out of sight, as well as a laundry basket for your clean clothes. In addition, you can use smaller baskets to organize your jewelry, accessories and scarves.

Play Area

Whether your child plays in their bedroom, a corner of the living room or a separate playroom, you are going to find storage baskets and containers to be a lifesaver for the pile of toys, games, books and crafts. Imagine a stylish toy basket for their favorite stuffed animals, or a toy bin organizer for their dolls, action figures, pretend food, craft supplies and board games. Investing in fun baskets for children encourages them to keep their play areas neat and tidy.


Did you know that you can use baskets in the bathroom as well? A woven basket can be used to hide extra rolls of toilet paper, or you can designate a basket to guest towels. In addition, storage containers can be used to organize toiletries and other personal care essentials among family members. One idea is to label each storage container with your family member's name to keep their essentials in one spot. The bathroom is a room that is used daily, so you never want to skip over it when spring cleaning.

Laundry Room

Finally, the laundry room should always be included in your spring-cleaning routine. After all, this is the place where you do the laundry, sort through clothes and find those matching socks. If everyone already keeps their laundry baskets in their own bedrooms, you can always create a "lost and find" basket for items that got lost in the shuffle. In addition, you can also use small, cute laundry baskets for essentials such as detergent, fabric softener and clothespins.

When it comes to spring cleaning, you can never go wrong with organizing baskets, containers and bins. You can use the storage baskets to organize, hide or pinpoint various items in your home.