Become a Brand Ambassador

At Belvedere Home our mission is to be that that breathe of fresh air that adds life, vitality, and charm to every room in the house. We want to be your go to when you are looking at adding a touch of style and love to your home. We love working with like minded customers and enthusiasts who can help us share the love.

Are you interested in being a Brand Rep for Belvedere Home?

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Our Brand rep program is a tiered system consisting of Brand Enthusiasts, Brand Reps, and Brand Ambassadors.

Brand Enthusiast

The Brand Enthusiast is our shortest term, going for only a month, that can be joined any time throughout the year. We require that our enthusiasts post to Instagram 5 times over that month. Your photos can consist of images of our products in action, we love it when we see YOU,  our awesome customers, showcased in the images. As a  Brand Enthusiast you get exclusive discounts on all Belvedere Home Products. After your first month if you would like to continue with us, then you will have the opportunity to move up to a Brand Rep team member.

Brand Rep

The next tier is our Brand Rep program with a three month term. Within this program there are prizes and giveaways to reward reps for purchases, promotions, and engagement so that your efforts do not go unnoticed and unrewarded. Upon approval you will receive a personalized discount code for you, your friends, your family, and your followers. You can earn commissions on any sales made with your discount code!

Over the course of the term there is also a rep contest in which you will have the opportunity to score points for engagement on posts, number of posts, and more for the opportunity to win cash prizes.

We kindly ask that Brand Reps post a minimum of one photo a week during the term including the products and that these photos align with our brand. We also would love creative photos of the products themselves.


For all positions we ask that you tag us with our handle, @belvederehomegoods, and with the #belvederehome #belvederebaskets #belvederecandles hashtags on all photos.

See our Reps in Action